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5.15 pm, oct 26 2011 The iv gospels stop autocratically at the head of the canon and the centre of beforehand Christianity. If they had been disoriented for centuries, and then dug up last year in the sand of Egypt, they would be hailed as among the most marvellous writings from antiquity. Despite the episodic efforts to push them out of their central orientation and backup some other documents, whether really existing (such as the wrongly named ) or reconstructed (such as the hypothetical papers ‘Q’), the majority of scholars still believe, rightly in my view, that Matthew, Mark, Luke and toilet merit their place. The concept that they are well familiar should not dim-sighted us to their remarkable blend of page-turning narrative, vivid portraiture (especially of their central figure), humanities verisimilitude and literate theology. Reversing what St paul the apostle says about himself, the gospels, although well known at one level, are unknown at another.

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At 18, I received the nazarene son as my Savior and Lord. Rainbow had Bible-like sayings that plumbed "church-y", so I sensed Christianity and the teachings of arc to be the same. If a bod to the full understands Christianity and in full understands Masonry, they will realize that the two are like oil and water supply they just dont mix. Finally, the Grand-Omnific canvas Arch Word as an amalgamation of Jehovah with two different gentile gods (in JAH-BUL-ON) was nada less than blasphemous. My readings in Blackmer helped me realize the origins of Masonic rituals in Egyptian sun worship. I could not dismiss this, because Blue Lodge and house Arch freemasonry are the lonesome two, literal original forms of the Craft.

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Sex and the Temple

For destined Solomon’s Temple displays sexual symbolism in quite specific ways, but not in the conduct religious writing scholars imagine. According to them, the twelve ox that founded Solomon’s enormous Sea of Bronze were birth rate bulls, and the two bronze pillars called Jachin and Boaz were twin phalli (male sex organs), thing they have been alleging for decades in their ponderous biblical commentaries. And time they are partially proper – there is sexual symbolization – they are likewise nonfunctional in key ways.

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